Who we are

Artgrafica – The art of persuasion

Artgrafica is a versatile and innovative design agency located in the heart of Amsterdam.
Mónica Waalwijk de Carvalho founded the agency in 1982, by which time she had already gained six years of design experience parallel to her studies at the Rietveld Academy. During the following 35 years, Artgrafica has witnessed numerous design trends emerge, while creating some of its very own: from design and art direction for various magazines, limited book editions, bookcovers and postal stamp series, on to creating diversified corporate identities. In recent years, Artgrafica was privileged to have been commissioned with spearheading a comprehensive museum design project for Hermitage Amsterdam. This prestigious assignment entailed conceptualizing the entire corporate identity, including campaigns, catalogues, exhibitions and facade lettering. A wide spectrum of design disciplines was involved in the elaboration of this project.
We have always embraced the challenge of being at the vanguard. A team of highly specialized designers is matched with each new assignment, so that our widely diversified client base – ranging from corporate enterprises to the fine arts – is optimally served. Our aim is to create design that is both distinctive and timeless.

What we do

“You can’t rush art” – Toy Story 2

Each Artgrafica assignment begins with devising a unique concept in close collaboration with the client, followed by elaboration of individual concept details, in line with our maxim of quality over quantity. The final phases can be dealt with in a number of ways, all of them under our competent guidance. We at Artgrafica believe that the future is shaped by lessons learned from the past. This insight is reflected in our emblematic design style, with its focus on innovation, rather than conformity.

How we work

“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse

We at Artgrafica place prime importance on listening attentively to clients, drawing inspiration from their expertise and goals, thereby achieving an outstanding result.
We never shy away from jointly exploring unconventional routes along the way. Ideally, our involvement in a project starts from its inception, because the very best ideas often emerge during the preparatory phase. Those first flashes of inspiration are what we use to create the finished products – exceptional design concepts that will stand the test of time.

We work for

ABN-AMRO bank, Acco bvba, Alba Rosa Viëtor Stichting, Amnesty International, Atlas, Charity Stichting Rob Beers, Credits Media, Consumentenbond, Content Beheer Groep, Editorial Anagrama, S.A., De Doelen (Rotterdam), D.I.C.Acquisitions, Gaudi, ETC bvba., Hermitage Amsterdam, Het Koninklijk Concertgebouw, Het Koninklijk Concertgebouw-orkest, Hermitage Amsterdam, Karakter Uitgevers, Kendrion, Kinder Kookkafé, KLM, Kluwer, Koloriet, Landelijk Bureau vereniging Humanitas, Legal Fact Finding, Luitingh-Sijthoff, Media Partners, Ministerie van EZ, Ministerie van V&W, Mouria, Nationale Stichting De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam, NieuwsTribune, Nuon, NijghVersluys, KPN Telecom, RK Kerkgenootschap, Scripta Media, S.O.M. GmbH., St.Antoniusschool, Stichting Françoise van den Bosch, Sigma Coatings, Staatsmuseum Hermitage Sint Petersburg, SWP Books, Tastevin Dehue, TEMA, TBG Group, Theater Frascati, The Reader’s Digest Benelux NV, TPG Post, Uitgeverij Bert Bakker, Uitgeverij Bruna, Uitgeverij Contact & Veen, Uitgeverij Leopold, Uitgeverij Meulenhoff, Uitgeverij Ten Have, Uitgeverij Zwijsen, Weekbladpers Tijdschriftengroep, Wolters-Noordhoff.

Please note that all copyrights remain with the authors of the works. None of the shown concepts, images, designs, text, video, audio or part of these, may be copied, published, broadcasted or used elsewhere without the explicit written consent of Artgrafica and the authors.

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